Digital X-Rays in New Orleans

One of the most significant advantages of dental technology is how it impacts the patient experience. Digital x-rays, for example, are not only safer for patients because there is less exposure to radiation, but they are also much more efficient than traditional x-rays.

dental x-rays | new orleans Dental technology also improves the ability of your dentist to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses. When issues are spotted while they are still small, treatment tends to be less invasive and less expensive.

At Downtown Dental, Dr. Richard Rathke proudly utilizes the most current dental technology to ensure your time with us is more comfortable, more efficient, and more accurate. Digital x-rays are just one way we can provide this. For most of our patients, we recommend that a full set of x-rays be taken at least once each year.

Types of Digital X-Rays at Downtown Dental

The two main types of digital x-rays are intraoral and extraoral.

Intraoral, which are taken inside the mouth, provide the highest level of detail. Intraoral are the most common type of x-ray because they enable your dentist to find cavities, examine the tooth roots, detect periodontal disease, and monitor the health of teeth and bony areas of the mouth.

The Safety of Digital X-Rays

Many people have concerns about the safety of digital x-rays, but radiation exposure is low. In fact, you will likely encounter more exposure to radiation by walking outside on a sunny day. The benefits of digital x-rays far outweigh the risks.

To be on the safe side, however, if you suspect or know you are pregnant, be sure to mention this to your dentist. Depending on the situation, it might be best to put off x-rays.

The Efficiency of Digital X-Rays in New Orleans

Digital x-rays are faster than traditional x-rays, so you can be in and out of the dental chair much more quickly. Digital x-rays are not unlike snapping a photograph with your phone, then uploading it directly to a computer. Making copies of your x-ray to send to insurance companies or specialists is also a snap, so you are less likely to have to wait for needed treatment.

digital x-rays | new orleans Your dentist can also see more of your mouth with a digital x-ray. The tiniest developing problem that cannot be seen with the naked eye can be identified with a digital x-ray. Without x-rays, however, small dental issues can quickly become big ones that need more extensive—and more expensive—treatment.

The Flexibility of Digital X-Rays at Downtown Dental

Traditional x-rays lack the flexibility of today’s digital radiographs. Your dentist can easily enlarge a shot to see it in great detail. Patients can also view digital x-rays at the chairside computer monitor, making it easier to make educated decisions about recommended treatment.

Call Downtown Dental today and enjoy the safe efficiency of digital radiographs at your next appointment!