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Dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and at Downtown Dental, we incorporate it into our daily routine because it enables us to provide patients with better quality dental care.

High-tech tools such as digital x-rays, digital sensors, intraoral cameras, and panoramic x-rays enable us to find problems in their earliest stages. Dental technology not only makes it easier for us to make early and accurate diagnoses, but it also means less time in the dental chair for patients.

Going to the dentist in New Orleans does not need to be an unpleasant experience, and we believe that with our welcoming staff and leading-edge technology, you can enjoy your time with us. Call Downtown Dental to find out more!

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool in every dental office because they enable your dentist to see beyond what can be viewed in a standard examination. We recommend our patients have a set of x-rays taken at least once a year.

With digital x-rays, we can discover small problems before they grow into big ones. Addressing issues early on means less invasive treatment that is usually much more affordable.

Digital x-rays are also quicker than traditional film x-rays, and because they emit less radiation, they are also safer. It’s easy for your dentist to enhance digital images so more detail can be seen. Digital files are easy to email to insurance companies and specialists, so you will be less likely to have to wait for treatment approval. 

Intraoral Camera

Digital radiographs are invaluable for seeing beyond what is visible to the naked eye, but with an intraoral camera, we can not only see important detail on your gums and the surfaces of your teeth, we can also show you what we see.

An intraoral camera, which is about the size of a dental mirror, can see the tiniest nooks and crannies of your mouth. These small cameras enable your dentist to detect minute fractures in teeth and decay that is just getting started. This remarkable piece of digital technology also enables you to see what the dentist is seeing in real time on the chairside screen.

Digital Sensors

Digital x-ray technology gives us a high-resolution view of your mouth so even the tiniest bit of decay can be spotted before it is visible to the naked eye. With digital sensors, we are able to take an accurate image the first time, which means the entire x-ray process goes more quickly—and you spend less time in the dental chair. Digital sensors also mean less radiation is needed, so using them makes the entire process safer as well.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays provide your dentist with yet another view of your teeth and gums, as well as the temporomandibular joints and nasal and sinus areas. These x-rays produce a flat image that gives us a view of your entire mouth all at once. 

Digital Records

By using digital records, we are able to keep your personal information safe and secure. Digital records are also more accurate than paper records because there is no chance of misreading someone’s handwriting. Because we can send digital records to your insurance company in an instant, you are less likely to have treatment delays. 

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