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When Do You Need a Root Canal?

November 10, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Richard Rathke
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Modern root canals are more gentle and pain-free than ever. If you have infected or inflamed tooth pulp, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy to remove the infection and save your natural tooth. Root canal treatment may seem scary or painful, but they often get a bad reputation due to the pain an infected tooth causes. In reality, root canal treatment alleviates pain and discomfort. 

At Downtown Dental, we can help you maintain your healthiest smile and provide gentle root canal treatment to restore damaged or infected teeth. 

Why Might I Need a Root Canal?

The main reason why someone might need a root canal is due to pulpal nerve damage. This damage can occur because of the following:

  • Trauma to the tooth that leads to nerve damage
  • Deep decay that reaches the nerve 
  • A fractured or cracked tooth 

Common signs and symptoms of pulpal damage vary from person to person, but most individuals experience the following:

  • Tooth pain, especially while chewing 
  • Hypersensitivity to hot or cold drinks 
  • Facial or gum swelling 
  • Discoloration of the gums
  • Tenderness or swelling of gum tissue 
  • Drainage from the tooth

However, sometimes one may not experience any symptoms. For this reason, scheduling preventive dental visits are essential as your dentist can identify potential problems with your teeth, gums, and overall oral wellness. 

Root Canal Treatment Options 

Often, root canals are simple, routine procedures we perform to preserve your tooth's integrity and relieve pain. Before the treatment, we will give you anesthetics to numb the area and prevent discomfort. We then carefully remove the infected material located in the root canal, clean the tooth, and prepare the root canal. Next, we fill the tooth with a durable material called gutta-percha, and we finish the treatment by sealing the tooth with a dental crown or restoration. 

Most root canal patients have lifetime results without any issues. However, if you experience pain or restoration breaks, please contact us, and we will guide you through the following steps.  

More severe cases may require tooth extraction to protect a patient's surrounding teeth and gum tissue. If we remove a tooth, we can provide you with the highest quality tooth replacements, such as dental implants. 

We Offer Pain-Free Root Canals in New Orleans 

Have you recently had a root canal or need a dental restoration? Please get in touch with our cosmetic dentist in New Orleans to arrange a consultation. Dr. Richard Rathke provides cosmetic dentistry in New Orleans for patients who desire an aesthetic smile with high-quality restorations like dental crowns, fillings, veneers, and more.

We look forward to helping you restore your smile!

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