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3 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

July 26, 2022
Posted By: Downtown Dental
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Some dental emergencies pose a significant risk to your oral health and can leave you in pain. For these reasons, our emergency dentist in New Orleans is happy to treat these situations as soon as possible.

We never want to risk your oral health or allow you to suffer from a toothache!

Of course, some dental emergencies are not straightforward. For example, you have an oral health issue but aren’t sure if it’s genuinely a dental emergency.

Some dental emergencies are not immediately apparent. So, if ever you’re in doubt, we encourage you to contact our dental office for guidance.

Now, let’s explore three common signs that you need emergency dental care.

#1 A Toothache or Increasing Sensitivity

A toothache may be accompanied by gum or jaw swelling. In this case, you may have a dental abscess or tooth root infection. These infections require emergency root canal treatment from your dentist in New Orleans. Without treatment, you risk losing the infected tooth.

#2 Jaw or Gum Swelling

Jaw or gum swelling is typically accompanied by a toothache or tooth sensitivity. This type of oral infection, which may also be a tooth root infection, requires intervention from your dentist. Without treatment, swelling can worsen, and you risk infection spread and tooth loss.

#3 Tooth or Oral Tissue Trauma

A light tap to the tooth with a fork or other utensil probably isn’t a dental emergency, even if there’s a drop or two of blood. However, significant trauma to the tooth or oral tissues should be evaluated by your dentist—for example, a ball to the mouth with bleeding or loosened teeth or a broken restoration, leaving deep tooth exposure.

Have a Toothache or Dental Emergency? Contact Your Dentist Near Me for Treatment

Treating your dental emergency and saving your smile is always our top priority when you have a dental emergency. Reach out today to a compassionate team member for guidance.

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