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What are the common dental emergencies?

Impact injury, accident, or other trauma to your mouth and teeth may, by definition, be treated as a dental emergency. However, many issues with your dental health can become a dental emergency under certain circumstances. For example, a dental cavity usually starts as a small hole or pit in your tooth enamel. But if you avoid timely treatment, a cavity will grow until it penetrates your inner tooth and may require a more costly root canal therapy.

At Downtown Dental, we have extensive experience treating urgent dental conditions in New Orleans, LA. From that experience, we have assembled this list of common conditions that often become dental emergencies, along with our recommended response:

  • Severe toothache – Pain is a common symptom of your need for urgent dental care, especially when it's so bad that you cannot function at home or work. When you call our New Orleans dental office, we recommend you be prepared with a description of how much it hurts on a scale of 1 to 10 and the area where your pain is focused.
  • Serious dental infection – Sometimes bacteria penetrates your tooth or gums and begins to spread, causing symptoms like reddened and swollen gums, heat, and a bitter taste in your mouth. Infections usually progress, and if gone unchecked, they may threaten your overall health.
  • Chipped or fractured tooth – If you damage a tooth, you may want to seek urgent treatment to avoid even more serious problems, like complete tooth loss.
  • Damaged dental filling, crown, or denture – We recommend you call our office to discuss the extent of your broken dental restorations. Often, timely treatments will allow us to preserve your restoration instead of allowing further damage to occur.

In any case, we encourage you to call and discuss your situation with a team member so we can advise you on emergency dental care.

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