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Are digital x-rays safe?

Getting periodic x-rays and imaging taken is all part of a comprehensive approach to preventivewoman in yellow top smiling l x-rays new orleans dentistry. Yet, some people still worry about their health and safety when it comes to being exposed to x-ray machines. 

Dental technology has come a long way in recent decades, and the digital x-rays dentists rely on today are a far cry from the basic dental imaging of years past. Thanks to advances in technology and a better understanding of how to safely obtain x-rays, getting your digital radiographs taken during your six-month dental checkups is extremely safe. 

What Do Digital X-Rays Do?

Our digital x-rays in New Orleans help us catch and diagnose oral health problems early on before becoming large or dangerous. These digital images emit far less radiation than traditional x-rays. They have exposure levels that are considered minimal and comparable to the daily radiation an average person would be exposed to from other sources, such as the sun and household appliances. 

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Unless you are a high-risk patient with pre-existing dental conditions, you will not need digital x-rays taken every time you visit your dentist's office in New Orleans. For most patients, having new bitewing x-rays taken once per year and full-mouth x-rays taken once every few years is sufficient. Call Downtown Dental today to book your next dental appointment with us!

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