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What are tooth-colored fillings made out of?

Tooth-colored fillings in New Orleans look natural and seamlessly restorman sitting in dental exam chair smiling l new orleans dentiste your smile. Dr. Rathke is a highly skilled and experienced New Orleans dentist who provides tooth-colored fillings for patients of all ages. Patients often opt for tooth-colored fillings over other kinds because they are discreet and naturally blend in with the rest of their teeth. 

Maintain a Seamless Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings  

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite or white fillings, are made of a combination of powdered glass, silica, and plastic resin. Tooth-colored fillings allow your dentist to fill in cavities while retaining your tooth’s natural appearance. This also maintains the feel and function of your smile, seamlessly concealing your cavity and matching your tooth’s natural color and structure. 

Metal-Free Fillings Look Natural

Another reason why patients flock to tooth-colored fillings in New Orleans is that they do not contain metal. Though amalgam fillings are deemed safe by the FDA, some patients would rather have tooth-colored fillings rather than ones that contain metal because of sensitivities and allergies.

Durable Tooth-Colored Fillings in New Orleans

Aside from looking more attractive than other types of fillings, tooth-colored fillings are also incredibly durable. The combination of materials that make up these fillings are meant to last so you can enjoy speaking, eating, and smiling again without worry. 

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