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When should I contact an emergency dentist?

Many events in New Orleans, LA, can be considered emergencies. But regarding teeth, several instances are definitive examples of when you should contact an emergency dentist. At other times, you will need to assess the problems to help determine if you require urgent care. So let’s start with the definite emergencies.

Avulsed (completely knocked-out) tooth – where a permanent tooth has been knocked out but is still intact, we can save the tooth if you take immediate action, following these steps:

  • Handle only by the crown or top and avoid touching the root.
  • Gently clean any dirt or debris.
  • Keep the tooth moist in your saliva or submersed in milk.
  • Call us immediately.

Other reasons to seek critical care are significant swelling in your mouth that could threaten to block your airways or symptoms of an advanced infection like high fever and swelling in your neck and glands that also endangers your breathing.

How to Respond to  Possible Dental Emergency

Numerous conditions may cause tooth, gum, or mouth pain, swelling, or other symptoms that interfere with your normal flow of life. This is a great reason to have an established family dentist in New Orleans, LA, who knows your current dental health status and with whom you’ve created a connection. This way, you know who to call and how to describe your symptoms.

If you are experiencing a severe toothache or other symptoms, we invite you to call our dental office. Most dental conditions will require treatment and, in the absence of action, will continue to worsen. We hope that you’ll call us before it gets that bad.

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