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What other options do I have besides pulling my tooth?

tooth extraction | root canal | new orleansTooth Extractions in New Orleans

Your options will depend on the condition of the tooth in question as well as the surrounding teeth. Dr. Rathke will discuss all possible options with you prior to extracting your tooth. A root canal or some other treatment might be recommended to save your tooth—which is always the goal.

Rest assured that, whenever possible, our dental team will recommend not pulling a tooth if there is some way to repair it. You might think that losing a tooth in the back of your mouth where it won’t be noticed is not a big deal, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth 

When a tooth is missing, the teeth around the space left behind will begin to shift. This starts a domino effect of problems, including a bite that becomes compromised as well as the loss of other teeth.

The good news is that if extraction is the best course of treatment, there are tooth replacement options that can fill in the space left behind by a missing tooth that look natural and will restore the form and function of your smile. Replacing a missing tooth with a prosthetic or dental implant will also protect your remaining healthy teeth.

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