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Do you perform emergency dentistry with sedation?

At Downtown Dental, we are skilled at performing whatever emergency dentistry treatments are necessary to restore your healthy smile. We understand that most conditions which lead you to call our New Orleans dental office for emergency care are traumatic and unwelcome. So for patients who already experience some degree of dental anxiety, the need for an emergency dentist may push that stress to intolerable levels.

If this experience describes yours, we want you to take solace in knowing that we are always ready to treat you. Even if you are a new patient, we leave space in our daily schedule to accommodate patients with urgent care needs. In most cases, we will treat you the same day.

We Offer Emergency Dentistry and Sedation in New Orleans, LA

We will often treat a dental emergency with procedures like root canal therapy or tooth extraction. Our dental team will place your comfort as a top priority, so we ensure your teeth and gums are thoroughly numbed before starting. For most patients, this is enough for them to tolerate treatment.

If you prefer more extensive sedation beyond local anesthetic, we also offer nitrous oxide. We administer this safe gas through a comfortable nose mask and monitor it to enhance your relaxation. We administer this gas throughout treatment, and once complete, we can mix it with oxygen, and the effect wears off quickly. With no lingering side effects, most patients can return to their regular schedule, drive home, or return to work.

We encourage you to discuss your sedation options with a team member to learn more.

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