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Do stained fillings need to be replaced?

Dental fillings cannot be whitened, so if you want to maintain beautiful, stain-free fillings, you will need to replace them. Over time, composite fillings can collect stains or turn yellow from the foods and drinks we consume and other lifestyle habits.

Stains on dental fillings can also indicate tooth decay, which will require replacing your tooth-colored filling. If you notice that your tooth filling has stains, we invite you to contact your dentist for a dental evaluation. 

Dr. Richard Rathke is dedicated to helping you keep your smile attractive and healthy with high-quality restorations, like composite fillings. Composite fillings look natural and blend in with your smile, unlike silver amalgam fillings that are gray and can leave marks on your teeth and gums. 

Caring for Your Tooth-Colored Fillings

There aren’t special instructions for dental filling care. As always, we strongly encourage you to brush twice daily, floss at least once daily, and use an antibacterial mouth rinse to keep your smile healthy and clean.

Also, stay current with your routine dental exams and cleanings. Mild tooth sensitivity after a dental filling is normal, but if it continues or worsens, please call our team at Downtown Dental. 

Call Us for Dental Restorations in New Orleans 

If you need tooth repair for decay or minor damage, please get in touch with us for an appointment. We can help restore your smile!

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