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When do you need a tooth extraction?

Any time a natural tooth is infected, loose, severely decayed, or otherwise beyond saving, you will need to have it extracted. 

Your New Orleans dentist wants to save your teeth, which is why we’ll always do whatever we can to treat the tooth before recommending extraction. Sometimes, however, removing the tooth really is the best option to keep your smile healthy for the long-term.

Common Situations For Tooth Extractions in New Orleans

You might need a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons. Common situations that call for tooth removal include:

  • Preparing to receive dentures or braces 
  • Having loose teeth that threaten your smile’s overall health 
  • Decaying teeth with large cavities or infection
  • Experiencing facial trauma that knocked a tooth loose or severely damaged an existing tooth

Typically, teeth need removal after they’ve been neglected. This includes having poor oral hygiene habits and forgetting to floss, not attending your six-month preventive dental appointments, ignoring a painful tooth or neglecting to get treatment for an existing cavity, or letting decay progress to the point where a root canal cannot save the tooth. 

Contact Your Dentist in Downtown LA To Learn More

Tooth extractions also occasionally become necessary after a sports-related injury or automobile collision, but these situations are rarer and significantly less preventable than the damage that comes from bad dental habits. If you feel like you need a tooth extraction in New Orleans, don't hesitate to contact Downtown Dental today! We can't wait to meet you and help you on your smile journey.

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