Children's Dentistry

Every child’s smile is precious and requires gentle and attentive dental care to remain healthy and cavity-free. At Downtown Dental in New Orleans, Dr. Richard Rathke and his team treat the oral health needs of toddlers, children, and teenagers. 

It is our dental team’s goal to ensure your youngster maintains optimal oral health throughout their formative years so they can enjoy strong and happy smiles throughout their lifetimes. 

We believe it is important to establish trust and encourage open communication with our patients and their families. Not only does this allow us to provide exceptional patient care, but it also encourages kids to practice healthy dental habits from a young age. 

What Is Children's Dentistry?

Children’s dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of the oral health needs of young patients. From toddlers to teens, a children’s dentist cares for the teeth, gums, soft tissues, and surrounding oral structures of a child’s growing smile. 

Children have unique dental care needs and milestones than that of adults. Our job as children’s dentistry practitioners is to monitor their dental development, protect their oral health, and treat cavities and other potential health risks. 

During children’s dental appointments, we make sure each child feels comfortable and safe in our care. Our team is friendly and fun, and we love working with kids and getting to know their unique personalities. We celebrate each child’s individuality, and we strive to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere where they can feel free to be themselves. 

Our dental team uses kid-friendly language to explain how to properly brush and floss, as well as how integral good nutrition is to their teeth, gums, and overall health. 

In addition to taking comfortable digital dental x-rays, we also perform routine developmental screenings, check for cavities, and clean their teeth. We also offer fillings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and much more. Whatever your child's dental needs may be, Downtown Dental is here to help. 

At What Age Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

We recommend bringing your child to the dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth makes its appearance. Early dental care is crucial for keeping their teeth, gums, and oral development in excellent condition. 

As your child grows, we continue to care for their oral health needs, guiding them into adulthood. At Downtown Dental, we treat patients of all ages and consider ourselves a true family dental practice. Every member of your family can receive comprehensive dental care all under one roof, in one convenient location. 

Comprehensive Children’s Dentistry in New Orleans

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in New Orleans? Dr. Rathke is a highly experienced and compassionate children’s dentist who loves helping kids and teens attain their healthiest smiles. We offer various gentle treatments to care for your little one’s teeth and gums, and we customize each treatment to meet your child’s needs. 

Many of our patients believe Dr. Rathke is a top dentist in New Orleans, which is why countless families trust him with their dentistry. Please contact us today to arrange your child’s dental visit with Dr. Rathke.